In my work as a game designer I mainly focus on bringing people and games together. From creating engaging social gaming experiences to design workshops to challenging jams. I enjoy working with people of any age and skill level, and I love creating events and spaces in which gaming becomes a creative and social experience.

As a freelance media and museum educator I hold workshops, lectures and teach classes for teenagers and adults on different conferences, in museums and schools.



game design, narrative design and character design
prototyping digital and analogue (paper prototyping)
building rule sets
different formats (from 3 hours to more than a week)
different target groups (from Age 5 up, Kids, Youth, adults)
for beginners and experienced people

Lectures and teaching classes

game history
gender in games
history of computer graphics
game design
table top design
interactive storytelling
game art

All workshops and courses are available for children as well as grown-ups. Please talk to me about who your audience is and we can prepare something that is fun and memorable everybody.

Event Organization

creating game related event concepts
on-site or online coordination and hosting, i.e.
holiday camps, including content planing, implementation and coordination of a team of media educator’s and supervising
game culture/design presentations and demonstrations
volunteer and guest management, chat moderation for online events

Public Gaming and Events

game design for physical games and location based games
role play games and conversation games
creativity games and mini-jams
online-to-offline and offline-to-online games


For A MAZE. and the Leibniz Association I organized and led together with Jana Reinhard the Online Museums Game Jam 2021. We had participants from different countries and couldn’t meet in person. So we did small warm ups like showing up in strange costumes to bring more fun into the event which glued us for 3 days in front of our computers.


In 2017 we released the location based Mobile Game “Die Legende der Goldenen Konsole” which is playable inside the Computer Games Museum in Berlin.

This role playing card game was designed to be a conversation starter at game related events. It allowed visitors to slip into different roles and engage in playful interaction. (client: Gamestorm / A MAZE.)

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