Hello, I’m Svenja. Located in the city of Berlin, I make games for people and with people.

As a studied game designer I work as a freelance designer and media educator at the crossing of games, culture and education. This is my portfolio page, where you can find some work samples and some info about what I do.


I mainly focus on creating concepts and content for public gaming experiences, jams and workshops. But I also host and organize such events.

Please check below for previous clients and additional info. Have fun browsing my work samples and say hello via the social network sites. Oh, and if you have any questions or request, please contact me right away. I’d love to meet you. Thanks.



These are some of the companies and people I helped in realizing their projects and events.

Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel e.V.
Coder Dojo Potsdam
Computerspielemuseum Berlin
Evangelische Akademie Tutzing
FJR Werbeagentur
Games Academy Berlin
Gamestorm Berlin
Greenpeace Argentinien
Grimme Institut
jfc Medienzentrum
Jugendkunstschule Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Initiative Creative Gaming
Mediale Pfade
Medienwerkstatt Potsdam
Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur
Wilhelm Humbold Gesamtschule



These are events where I participated as a speaker or workshop leader or which I helped to organise.

A MAZE./Berlin, since 2012
Culture Game Jam, 2014
Elterntagung “Digitale Medien nutzen”, 2017
Gamestorm Game Jams and other events, 2010-2013
Girls Day, 2014, 2016 + 2018
Girls Makes Games, 2016
GI-Tagung zur Schulinformatik Berlin und Brandenburg, 2016 + 2017
Greenpeace Games Summit, 2012
Internationale Tagung zum Thema Gaming und Gamification, Wolfenbüttel, 2014
Kirchentag, 2017
LABOURGAMES Game Jam, 2017
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, 2014
Maker Faire, 2015
Museologische Salons, 2017
PLAY14 + PLAY17, Hamburg
Potsdamer Eltern-Medientag, 2015
Spielemarkt Potsdam, 2018
Tagung der Phantasie, Tutzing, 2016
Theaterpädagogisches Fachforum Sichten, 2016
Themenraum Spiele der ZLB Berlin, 2018
YOU Messe, 2013

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